It seems a Purley man's bakery has caught the attention of reality tv star Toff.

Coughlan's Bakery was the envy of pastry shops around the country last Friday (December 22) when the Made in Chelsea and I'm a Celebrity star took to Instagram (pictured above) to share her love of mince pies.

And not just any mince pies, the ones made at Coughlan's Bakery.

"It was an eagle-eyed Facebook follower of our bakery that alerted me first and then I saw it too," the bakery's owner, Sean Coughlan said.

"All our products are hand made by our own artisan bakers so it’s always nice to show the team such pics.

"It gives everyone a boost."

The text attached to Toff's picture read "most happy when with mince pies."

The shop owner wasn't lucky enough to see Toff in person, in fact, nobody was as Mr Coughlan explained.

"I think she was given them by one of our clients," he said.

But with stores all around Surrey, he was hopeful she might just drop in one day for a bite to eat.