While most were eagerly waking up on Christmas morning, waiting to unwrap their presents, six mothers in Croydon were getting ready to deliver a different type of gift.

On December 25, there were some very happy families at Croydon University Hospital, as six babies - three boys and three girls - were forever given the title of 'Christmas babies'.

Gemma Hackett from Waddon Marsh was just one of the mums delighted to bring another baby into the world.

"We were just relaxing at home and then the contractions started to happen on Christmas eve," she said.

"We made our way to the hospital and by the next morning I had an amazing little present to hold."

Annalise Ellen Dunbar may have been born early in the morning (5.32am to be exact), but she was actually nine days late as mum and dad thought she would be coming into the world on December 16.

But it seems only fitting that Annalise was born the day she was. You see, her big sister also has a claim to fame, being born on Halloween and all. There is no word yet on whether there are plans for an Easter baby though.