A multi-use recreation ground for children, a new cinema and even re-development of the former Rose & Young site.

These are all parts of Tandridge Council's "ambitious regeneration masterplan for Caterham town centre and Caterham-on-the-hill.

There is now less than a month to go until the initial consultation on the masterplan ends and the project enters its third and final stage.

With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about what could be changing and what will be staying the same as part of this decade long plan to rejuvenate the area.

The plan is broken down into six areas:

Area 1: Caterham Valley: Waitrose Foodstore, Quadrant House and Surrounds

Area 2: Caterham Valley: Station Avenue

Area 3: Caterham Valley: Church Walk and Surrounds

Area 4: Former Rose and Young Site

Area 5: Caterham Valley: Godstone Road

Area 6: Caterham on the Hill

Area 1:

There are big plans to improve the look and design of Waitrose and the car park that goes along with it.

The report said there was "clear potential" in the way of improving the appearance of the store.

The carpark was identified as "well used, but outdated." Council admitted a replacement of the car park would be difficult, but that it was a goal to bring about a "radical improvement" to the space.

Quadrant House was also seen as "outdated" and could be put to better use, especially in the areas of retail and office use.

During the ‘options’ consultation 60 per cent of respondents supported the idea of extensions for Waitrose.

As for Quadrant House, 82 per cent agreed that a complete redevelopment was in order, with many calling the building an eye sore.

Area 2:

With the highest levels of "pedestrian movements" in Station Avenue, it is no wonder traffic often comes to a standstill.

A majority of those who responded to the consultation thinks public space needs to be improved in the area, while the reduction of cars was also a priority.

So what is to be done about it?

Well there are ideas to move the taxi rank to the service road between Waitrose and Quadrant House as well as an overall improvement of shopfronts also high on the list of things that need to get done.

Area 3:

A redevelopment of the existing shopping centre in Church Walk could be on the cards as one idea is to incorporate retail, leisure and homes.

It's not just the shopping centre that needs a reboot either.

In the plan it says that "Church Walk is a key destination within the town centre that should be redeveloped to revitalise the retail offer within Caterham as well as the High Street.

There could also be a change to the opening hours of the carpark as a way to "support the growing evening economy."

Area 4:

Undeveloped for 20 years, the former Rose and Young Building is seen as a "gateway" to the town centre.

At the moment, permission has been given to build 48 homes and a ground-floor supermarket on the site.

But Council aren't giving up hope of bringing a hotel to Caterham as they said in the plan that it is "in line with demand and community aspiration remains, and alternative locations should be explored."

Delivery of any such hotel will however have to come through the private sector.

Area 5:

The recently vacated William Hill Interiors in 22-28 Godstone Road will be one of the priorities when trying to improve the quality of Godstone Road. Any new development would however need to be "respectful" of St John's Church.

That's not all that's planned for the road, with an idea to improve the amenity space at the church and the redevelopment of the BT Exchange.

Area 6:

Despite recent investment into the Raglan Centre, there is "still room for improvement" according to the council.

This comes in the form of an "awkward arrangement" that council believes takes away from other shops in the street.

Council have also identified Town End amenity green as a place with potential.

In the report it says that "the site has potential to be upgraded to a park and recreation ground (there is space for additional facilities e.g. youth provision), in order to reduce shortfalls in this type of provision."

There is also an idea to improve the ability to travel between Caterham-on-the-Hill and the Valley with pedestrian links.

Councillor Michael Cooper, chairman of the Caterham Town Working Group, said: “This plan will transform Caterham and help create a strong economy and local jobs.

"We will be announcing more details about the consultation soon which will include some drop in exhibition events and we greatly look forward to hearing feedback from the community.”