There is another contender for the worst parking job of 2017, and it came just in the nick of time.

So far there have been a number of times where people have either been inconvenienced, or flat out put in danger.

This one falls under the latter.

On December 30, a man and his wife (who wish to remain nameless) were walking down Croydon Road in Caterham Valley when they came upon a problem.

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You see the man's wife was also pushing their baby along in a pram when they encountered the car blocking the sidewalk.

Unable to walk around the car on the street, the woman had to venture out into the road, with pram as well.

"For God’s sake," the man wrote on Facebook, understandably angry with what happened.

"That’s my wife in the background having to push the pram into the road cos (sic) of this selfish eejit (sic)."

This drew more than a few responses, most of which shared the same sentiment of annoyance.

"Cars are for roads not pavements selfish is not the word some people don't think of disable people or parents with prams," one person wrote.

Another had the same experience with the same car.

"We had to walk in the road because of this," they wrote.

"It was in the valley opposite the barbers near Henry's."

What do you think? Is this the worst piece of parking of 2017?

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