A tiny bat was squeaking with delight after he was rescued - from inside a giant stack of speakers.

The bat was discovered by a dog who sniffed out the furry creature hidden in a disused tower speaker and alerted its owner.

The dog walker called the RSPCA and when he realised the tiny pipistrelle bat was covered in mesh, he tried to loosen it and the animal let out a squeak.

Croydon Guardian:

RSPCA inspector Rebecca Phillips said: "When I first saw the little brown creature, I was amazed he had been spotted at all, he was so small and hard to see.

"Boris - as we called him - had somehow got himself trapped between two sheets of mesh and was hanging upside-down from it."

Croydon Guardian:

Rebecca saw the 10ft high solid speaker was welded shut and called in bat expert Roger Branton to help.

London Fire Brigade was also called to the old amphitheatre in Crystal Palace Park, where they used the dog walker's ladder to climb up the speaker and bolt cutters to remove a padlock and chain to get to Boris the bat.

Croydon Guardian:

Rebecca said after firefighters sawed through the inside wood panels and mesh netting, Roger gently removed Boris from the speaker, wearing protective gloves specially made for handling bats, and took him back to his house for rehabilitation.

Rebecca added: "On Sunday evening, he was able to release the little guy back into the wild, close - but not too close - to where we found him.

"My thanks go to the alert dog walker, the fire service and bat expert Roger Branton, for helping to make this amazing rescue have a happy ending."

Croydon Guardian: