A Croydon mother has been left in the lurch for the second time in six months after being told the respite centre her disabled daughter stays at was due to close.

It has been a tough few months for Sas Gabriel and her 31-year-old daughter Jade who in January this year lost a year-and-a-half fight to keep Heather Way - a respite centre for adults with learning disabilities - open.

When the decision to close the centre was made in 2016, Croydon Council said it was because Heather Way “offers little flexibility” and “struggles to meet the needs of some people."

Following the closure in January, Ms Gabriel, along with other families who used the centre, were "given one option for respite"; City Breaks.

"City Breaks was pushed on the families as the only option and it was a case of take it or leave it," she said.

"In one of the meetings we had with the council.

"I came out and said that City Breaks would also be closed down.

"I was then accused of being a trouble maker, liar and scare monger. Yet here we are less than six months on and it is shutting down."

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Indeed on May 25, multiple families were informed that the newest respite centre was due to close.

Ms Gabriel is now worried about how she and Jade, who has Downs Syndrome, will cope.

"To date no one has called me to offer support or help to find somewhere for my daughter to go, so that occasionally I can have a break," Ms Gabriel said.

The respite centre is run by the charity Brandon Trust, which Croydon Council helps fund, essentially contracting the work out.

A council spokesman said: “We are disappointed that Brandon Trust has unexpectedly ended its City Breaks service in Croydon, but we have worked with them to ensure all pre-booked breaks are guaranteed until the end of June.

"We are in the process of engaging the market so our residents will continue to receive a similar respite service with another provider.”

Brandon Trust were contacted for comment, but did not offer a response by publication.