A 16-year-old boy from Croydon has been convicted of stabbing a Kent teenager to death after they fell out over a push bike.

Jordan Dania was found guilty of murdering Kyle Yule in a group attack in which he was stabbed five times on his friend's doorstep in Gillingham on Friday, October 6, 2017.

Ephrain Akinwunmi-Streets, Shezekia Daley, Tyler Ralph and Victor Maibvisira were also found guilty after the nine-week trial concluded .

During the trial, the court heard the group and Kyle's friends fell out after a push bike was stolen and Maibvisira threatened a boy who he thought had taken it. Kyle's friends stepped in to defend him.

On the night of the attack, Kyle was targeted as he sat alone in a car. The group smashed his windows and slashed a tyre.

Kyle managed to escape and ran to a friend's address nearby, but he was stabbed as he banged on the door. One of the stab wounds hit an artery, and he bled to death.

In the weeks leading up to Kyle's death, the group had tried to assault him and his friend on several separate occasions. Just one day before he was stabbed to death, Daley and Ralph tried to chase Kyle and a friend through Gillingham before they sought shelter and called the police.

Investigating officer DCI Ivan Beasley said: ‘This is a tragic case because not only did Kyle lose his life but his friends and family have also been significantly affected. Those responsible for Kyle’s death chose to behave in an appalling manner with no regard for his life.

‘These were two separate groups of former friends who fell out over something as small as a push bike and the defendants’ response was to attack a young man with knives."

Dania and the four others convicted of Kyle's murder will be sentenced on June 14.