More vulnerable children in Croydon will be given a voice with the planned extension of advocacy services.

Croydon Council is looking for a new provider for a three-year contract to provide the services in the borough.

The aim of advocacy services is to give young people a voice, through the support from individual social workers.

A council spokeswoman said the new contract would mean children who are in child protection plans will be able to receive the service too.

A child protection plan is put in place for children who have suffered serious harm or are at risk of suffering serious harm.

“We want to provide high quality care and support to children in our care and to those receiving our child protection services,” said the spokeswoman.

“A key part of our children’s services improvement plan is putting children and young people’s lived experiences at the heart of our social care services – so giving young people a voice in the plans and decisions that are made for them at looked after children’s reviews or child protection conferences.”

Children and young people who are being affected by child protection investigations will have the chance to access independent advocacy.

The council spokeswoman added: “They are able to help young people get their views across to those who need to hear them – whether that is professionals making decisions or parents who do not recognise the impact of their own behaviours on their family.

“We are glad that a number of major providers in the field are interested in working with our young people in this way.”

The deadline for a provider to come forward is July 3 and the council plans for the contact to run for three years from September 1 with the option of extending for up to four years.

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