A South Croydon hotel which operated for more than 50 years in set to be demolished.

The Normanton Park Hotel opened in the 1960s, but attracted some less than favourable reviews before its recent closure.

On Tripadvisor it had a miniscule rating of 1.5 out of 5 as rated by the public with one commenter stating in 2015 that "this place is terrible."

"Do not believe the website. It is filthy, dirty and falling to pieces.

"The curtains are black with filth and the whole place is unkept.

"Believe the reviews that this place is seriously scary."

In May of 2016, just six months after the hotel's owner passed away, a planning application was submitted to demolish the building and replace it with flats.

"The proposal is three to four storeys and planned to give the perception of traditional properties, but with creative and inventive layouts to suit modern living," a document attached to the application read.

"Flats are well proportioned, with naturally lit rooms in a convenient and workable layout."

Now more than two years later, the council has given permission for the erection of the 29 flats.

As well as the new homes, 25 car parking spaces will be built.