A new six room hotel is opening in Kenley this weekend, but if that seems a little small to you, there is a good reason why.

You see, this particular hotel won't be housing people.

Instead the "five-star luxury" resort will be open exclusively to cats.

The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is opening this Sunday and Gabriela Fabrowicz-Chilinska, who will run the resort, says her guests will be treated to the time of their lives.

“I look forward to giving my undivided attention to my feline guests and will treat everyone as I would my own cats," she said.

"We offer an authentic home from home experience where every guest enjoys the highest level of expert care and attention.”

So from indoor only cats, pedigrees, nervous rescues and young and old, Ms Fabrowicz-Chilinska said there isn't a feline that won't be welcomed with open arms.