Plans to build two houses on the site of a bungalow were given the go-ahead by Croydon Council’s planning committee on Thursday (July 5). The panel considered two separate applications in Hayes Lane, Kenley. One was for a two-storey, five-bedroom house, the other for a three-bedroom bungalow. The house received 14 public objections while the bungalow received 16. Kenley ward councillor Steve O’Connell referred the proposals to the council and spoke in opposition of them. He said the new houses would overlook existing homes and was concerned cars would be parked in Hayes Lane blocking a turning point used by ambulances and bin lorries. Chair of the planning committee Cllr Paul Scott said: “This is an area that is relatively low density development which has a huge amount of backland development. Pretty much cul-de-sacs on cul-de-sacs. “And it is an area that like the rest of the borough intensifying to provide those new homes that we desperately need. “The scheme fits in well it’s not going to have a large impact on the neighbours.” But Cllr Gareth Streeter described the plans as an overdevelopment. “As a begrudging member of generation rent I need no convincing of the need to build more houses. “But it has got to be right and appropriate and we’ve got to take community with us. “I don’t think it is something we could put our hands on our heart and say is appropriate to approve without acknowledging that it would be an overdevelopment.” The plans were approved with eight of 10 councillors backing the two storey building and seven backing the bungalow. The planning committee met at Croydon Town Hall.