Having been born almost next to the old WFC ground in the 40's, and living there for many years, I would just like to say that although Ms Ingrid Dickenson is entitled to her opinion.

But in my humble opinion she is wrong.

We never experienced any of the things she describes.

I would suggest she opens her mind to the world as it is, rather than what she believes it to be. Football fans are not the animals she depicts. The odd few that cause problems are soon dealt with these days.

The precedent is already there. Football was once played at Wimbledon Stadium, and what is now housing used to be WFC football stadium. Many local shops relied on match day trade. They would thrive again if AFC Wimbledon were to move in locally.

I still live in the borough, and would be proud to welcome OUR football team home, and can only hope that should it happen, the likes of Ms Dickenson would open her eyes and see that re-generation of a run down area is a good thing.

Maybe she just needs a hug.

Pete Baker;
Queen Mary Ave, Morden