A teenager who went to an illegal rave in Croydon last night said it was the worst decision he had ever made.

The 16-year-old, who did not want to be named, went to the party in a disused mail sorting office by East Croydon station with about 30 friends.

The teenager, from Hertfordshire, said he had been to a lot of similar events around the UK and mainly London, but the party next to East Croydon station last night was “the worst”.

He said there were a lot of 14 and 15-year-olds there and many people were using drugs including MDMA, ketamine and acid.

Police were at the venue in Cherry Orchard Road from 9.40pm and eventually shut down the rave at 8.30am today, June 15.

The boy, who could not get into the party because there were so many people outside, arrived at 11pm but left at 12.30pm.

He said: “We had to leave because there was quite a lot of violence. It was a pretty bad experience.

“It was one of the worst things I have ever done.

“We went along because we thought it would be fun but there were so many people there not enjoying themselves and it just turned into chaos.

“These kinds of things are turning into things they shouldn’t be. Normally everyone is happy and just goes there for a good time but this was so bad.”

He said he knew about the party, which was advertised on Facebook, through people he met at festivals.

When he arrived with friends there were about 50 police officers outside.

He added: “There might as well have been a riot outside. It will put me off going to other ones for a long time.”

Another 16-year-old boy, who wanted to remain anonymous, was allowed into the party and said there were thousands of people inside.

He said: “It was poorly run. It was good at the beginning but then it got quite dirty.

“There was rubbish on the floor and there were people being sick – it was pretty grim.”

He said organisers of the rave are rumoured to make about £150,000 from the event, which charged a £15 entry fee.

A video posted on the promoters’ Facebook allegedly shows a 14-year-old girl passed out on the floor.

Another reveller said: “It wasn’t that good. I went to one of their nights in Acton before and it was good but this one was a bit dirty.

“There were people getting robbed and stuff. I think the kind of people who wouldn’t normally go turned up and started making trouble.”

Nine people were arrested after the rave and police expect more arrests as the investigation continues.

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